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The Real Midwives of Los Angeles is a streaming video series hosted by pregnancy focused chiropractor Dr. Elliot Berlin.

The series aims to share the pregnancy and childbirth experiences of real women - and real practicing midwives join to help unpack and process each unique story.

Journey 1:

Megan E.

megan RMWLA.jpg

Megan has a background as a professional dancer and is a soon-to-be-new-mom. As we embark on this new Real Midwives journey, Megan tells us about her early dance career, going on a national tour at age 16, and realizing her dream of dancing alongside Riverdance icon Michael Flatley.

Megan met her now husband and fellow dancer while touring internationally with Riverdance. After touring together briefly, they continued their relationship long distance as Megan finished out her dancing tour dreams. After Riverdance, Megan took steps back into her roots as a clogger and even entered a clogging competition while 7 months pregnant.

Megan talks about switching careers from professional dancer to photography agent. Thanks to her husband's newfound hobby, woodworking, they have a brand new handmade crib and rocking chair for the nursery. Now 34 weeks pregnant, Megan is craving everything citrus as she counts down the final weeks until the arrival of her baby.

Megan talks about mindfulness, the mind/body connection, and how she is loving pregnancy.

In the final weeks before her birth window, Megan is turning her fear into excitement, feels confident in her birth team, and visualizes what it might be like to "dance" her baby out.

Nearing the 42 week mark, Megan begins to feel early contractions in the middle of the night. As the day progresses, she tries to get things moving quicker through acupuncture and cupping. Labor is progressing slowly and the birth window is closing.

24 hours in, labor intensifies.  When Megan walks to keep things moving, muscles in her back seize up and remain in spasm even between contractions. Dr. Berlin comes to check on Megan to see if he can help alleviate the cramp in her back.

48 hours into labor, Megan tries out a warm bath as she rides the contraction waves. But at 2am, the cramp in her side returns. 51 hours into labor, she makes the empowered choice to go to the hospital and get an epidural.

In the final episode of Journey 1 with Megan, we find out how the birth of her baby turned out including her personal experience and reactions.

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