Project Bumpway

Becoming a mom changes your life in lots of ways, but if you play your cards right, you can keep your personal style rocking, and it doesn't have to break the bank. According to celebrity stylist Lindsey Dupuis fashion does not have to stray. Lindsey shares some easy pointers in her Q&A with Informed Pregnancy Style editor Angelica Ortiz.

AO- Maternity clothing is not always the most flattering. Do you think it is necessary to buy maternity clothes? If not, what should expecting mamas look for instead?

LD- I don’t - I personally continued to shop at my favorite stores, I just moved up a size or two and stuck to flowy silhouettes. Avoiding pants and tight clothing give you the opportunity not to have to venture towards the maternity section.

AO- Has your style changed since becoming a mom? How?

LD- I find myself dressing for convenience lately, but I think keeping tabs on your personal style is important. It’s easy to lose yourself in the mix of motherhood, so I enjoy expressing myself through my clothing.

AO- How have you managed breastfeeding and style? Are there specific clothes, colors, or cuts that you avoid?

LD- I live in dresses, so I gravitate towards button-downs and spaghetti straps, they are the easiest to get in and out of. I avoid silk because stains are obvious and steer clear of high necklines because access can be a problem.

AO- In warm places like California you can’t always hide a post baby bump with layers. What would you advise women in these places wear to hide the lingering baby weight?

LD- Stick to long flowy dresses and caftans in materials that are airy and light that can create the illusion of layers.