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There are many good reasons to exercise during pregnancy, even if you did not exercise regularly before becoming pregnant. Exercise promotes good prenatal and postpartum health for you and your baby, and can help prepare you for the physical and mental demands of labor and delivery. Regardless of your previous fitness level, it is recommended that you work out while pregnant. Endurance training enhances your mental game and builds your stamina for childbirth. Strength training utilizing functional movements develops proper biomechanical function, enabling you to accommodate your increased pregnancy weight, and later pick up and carry your ever-growing newborn.Gymnastic-style body weight movements orient the body in space and preserve mobility. To help make prenatal-specific exercise available and affordable for everyone, Dr. Berlin and I have teamed up to create  LetoFit; group prenatal and postpartum fitness classes that are scalable for all stages of pregnancy and levels of fitness. Come enjoy a great, safe prenatal workout and feel like a fit goddess during your pregnancy. The benefits of regular prenatal fitness include:


  • Limits unnecessary weight gain.

  • Improves the quality of sleep.

  • Promotes faster recovery after birth.

  • Helps with pregnancy discomfort.

  • Increases energy levels and self-esteem.

  • Decreases the time of labor.

  • Decreases the need for interventions.

  • Decreases the risk for cesarean sections.


Prenatal Fitness 

By Lindsey Mathews I DC


Lindsey Mathews practices prenatal and family chiropractic at Berlin Wellness Group in Santa Monica. She is also the creator of BirthFIT. Dr. Lindsey is a CrossFit Level 1 trainer and leads the women’s only programs at Deuce Gym in Venice, CA.

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