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Robert Nickell is the founder and CEO of Daddy & Company, the creator of DaddyScrubs, and a well-known syndicated columnist for national newspapers, parenting magazines, and websites. He is also the Executive Producer and host of “My Life As A Dad,” and a very proud dad to children Austin, Paige, Hayden, Kennady, Lincoln, Carter, and Tessa.

Our Lives As Dads 

By Robert Nickell | RPh


When I created Daddy & Company and our signature product, DaddyScrubs, I had clear goals in mind: to recognize the important role of fathers in a family and to include them in a process (pregnancy, labor, delivery, and parenthood) where almost all of the available information, resources, and support are targeted towards expecting mothers.


Of course, these goals weren’t about minimizing the amazing role of mothers at all. It was about helping new fathers to feel involved, not only encouraging them to be proud of their title as ‘daddy,’ but also to feel confident supporting their partners and working as a team, sharing the joys and challenges of parenthood together.


DaddyScrubs were an instant hit, but I knew there was more still to do. There aren’t many pregnancy books for dads to tell them ‘what to expect.’ There aren’t many ‘daddy n’ me’ classes or support groups for new fathers. That’s why I created “My Life As A Dad,” a show all about helping men become better fathers.


My Life As A Dad” is part of the multi-channel Parent Family Network and can be viewed online anytime. It’s entertaining, informative and educational, and I hope it will help dads from every background, in all kinds of families, to understand a little more about what makes a great father – and to laugh a little as they learn!


As I write this, more than 75 well-known actors, musicians, entrepreneurs, authors, and professional athletes have already shared their personal stories on “My Life As A Dad.” As the host of the show, I ask each guest to talk about how they feel about being a father, what their parenting philosophies are, how they balance family life with their often demanding professional lives, and sometimes how they relate their own unique upbringing to their lives as fathers today.


I’m always inspired and often surprised (and amused!) to hear celebrity dads describing their favorite ways to engage with their children, their best piece of parenting advice, and even their first thoughts following their children’s birth. It’s fascinating to learn how many feelings regarding fatherhood are universal, and how many are deeply individual and personal. I’m a father of seven, and I’m still learning from all my incredible guests!


If you haven’t checked out “My Life As A Dad” yet, here’s a sneak peek into what you’re missing:


“To the young dads out there: If you're nervous all the time, that's normal.”

Alimi Ballard (Actor, Numbers and CSI)


“Let them [your children] find their own journey.”

Kevin Frazier (Host, The Insider)


“It's so unbelievably exciting!”

Eric Christian Olsen (Actor, NCIS: Los Angeles)


“There were a couple times when I put the diaper on backwards!"

JR Martinez (US Army veteran and Dancing with the Stars champion)


“Time: that's one thing that your kids will never forget. They may not remember something about money, but they will remember whether or not you were there when they needed you.”

Chris Paul (NBA Player, LA Clippers)


“It's real but surreal, because it's something that's beyond hitting the lottery or beyond anything I could ever want.”

AJ Calloway (Host, Entertainment Tonight)


“Listen to your elders. Take advice. If a father's telling you something - listen. You can always become a better father by listening to someone else who has been through it.”

Delanie Walker (NFL Player, Tennessee Titans)


“You should be able to freeze dry certain ages.”

Shadoe Stevens (TV and radio personality)


“This is for real. This is a lifetime commitment. Everything is different now.”

Tom Arnold (Film and TV actor)


“Be very supportive and loving. And try your best to be understanding.”

Tyrone Wells (Singer/Songwriter)


“I like to focus on making moments - moments that Hunter will remember.”

James Durbin (American Idol finalist, Musician)


"It's all about your child. Your son, your daughter - that's the most important thing.”

Marcedes Lewis (NFL Player, Jacksonsville Jaguars)


“Another tip for the guys: Your wife is always right. When she's pregnant, she's always right.”

Brian White (Film and TV actor and producer)


My Life As A Dad” is filmed in the Parent Family Network Studio in the South Bay. You can subscribe to “My Life As A Dad” on YouTube, or by visiting


I am proud of all the fathers and fathers-to-be who have shared their feelings and experiences with me and my audience on “My Life As A Dad.” It’s a show created by dads, for dads. I hope you’ll watch, learn and enjoy.


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