Naturepedic Organic Mattresses for Kids

By Andrea McPherson


We don’t really give a second thought to where we lay our heads at night, but when it comes to organic versus non-organic mattresses, there are some key factors that will change your opinion on what you choose to sleep on.  Informed Pregnancy recently had the opportunity to sit down with environmental engineer Barry Cik, founder of the Naturepedic Organic Mattress company, to learn why so many people are going green in the bedroom.



Barry Cik created Naturepedic in 2003 with one thing in mind, “What is best for our children?” a sentiment that has served as the catalyst to developing certified organic mattresses that live up to the Global Organic Textile Standard code and are made in facilities that are held to the same expectations.



Naturepedic mattresses are so non-toxic that you can literally eat off of them. The surface of the waterproof models are made of food-grade polyethylene, which meets the non-toxic standards of the food industry and which is also used throughout the food packaging industry. It is easy to clean and contains no chemical fire retardants, yet the organic cotton used to fill the mattress meets all Federal and State flammability requirements.


It’s the little things that make a big difference. Mr. Cik considered this when Naturepedic introduced lightweight mattresses that make changing sheets easier. He also made sure the mattresses were firm enough to support a standing and jumping toddler. Naturepedic mattresses fit snugly into the crib at the edges and corners and are seamless—this means no unraveling along seams and edges!


Why go through the trouble of creating a brand around such a niche product? As a father and grandfather, Barry saw firsthand the need for chemical free crib mattresses that did not give off harmful gases which could hinder a child’s health and development. After all, infants and toddlers spend half their day or more in their cribs and regular mattresses are filled with chemicals and all sort of unsafe and toxic components for young children with immature and sensitive immune systems.


So what else is in a Naturepedic mattress? For starters, the purest form of cotton- certified organic cotton, as opposed to regular cotton which potentially contain GMO’s, synthetic fertilizers, or synthetic pesticides. Regular mattresses are also filled with chemically treated foams and latex. Recyclable steel innersprings in Naturepedic mattresses offer sturdy support without allergy or health concerns. The PLA “comfort layer” in Naturepedic mattresses is made entirely of plants such as potatoes. PLA is a sustainable alternative to petroleum derived materials. It wicks away water and offers resiliency, so you can count on its durability.


From development to the end of the assembly line, Barry has ensured that Naturepedic only produces honestly organic products for babies, toddlers and for the environment. When it comes to the success of his company, Barry says it best, “For me, the biggest reward has been building a successful business while sticking to my principles.”


“Doing things the right way” isn’t necessarily easy, but Barry knows it’s worth going the extra mile, “It's rewarding to know that in the end our integrity has been recognized,” he says, which is evident in Naturepedic’s top product awards. Barry’s standards of quality and commitment to ethical standards helps babies and Barry himself sleep better at night.