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Informed Feeding

Does what I eat really affect my milk? By: Dr. Stephanie Canale 

I am a family physician, educator, and mother of two that breastfed both of her children. It was only when I was at work trying to juggle the challenges of a full time practice, being on call and worry over my daughter not gaining enough weight despite drinking enough volume of breast milk that I started to ask myself what is in MY milk....

Baby foods packed with nutrients, think outside of the box…Literally!
By: Angelica Ortiz

" The foods your baby consumes in their first year is crucial. Research shows that the more fruits and veggies consumed prior to turning one will result in more consumption of produce by the time their six. Also introducing common allergens like peanuts and eggs can prevent the development of allergies later in life, even if their genetically prone to them!..." 

The Truth About “The Latch” By Jessica Martin-Weber

“I’m really scared of breastfeeding.” Pregnant with her first child, my friend subconsciously rubbed her 34-week belly as I made dinner. I asked her why. She said she’d googled and learned that breastfeeding could be extremely painful, particularly if she didn’t achieve “the perfect latch.”...

Invest in a Good Quality Nursing Bra 

By Lisa Goodman I The Bra Lady

Every woman needs extra support during pregnancy. Not only do you need support from your family and friends, but also support for your ever-changing body. One way to support your body as pregnancy progresses and into the post partum period is through investing in well-fitted maternity and...

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